About SATO

State Agency Technical Operations (SATO) is a specialised body with the Council of Ministers for procurement and application of special intelligence means.


The functions of the Agency are related to the collection of information on the basis of the Special Intelligence Means Act.


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About SATO

State Agency Technical Operations (SATO) is a specialized body with the Council of Ministers for procurement and application of special intelligence means.

The main functions of the Agency are associated with the efficient collection of information obtained under the Special Intelligence Means Act and for preparing evidence for combating cross-border, serious and organized crime and terrorism. In pursuance of its main tasks, the Agency provides operational-investigative and intelligence structures, trial proceedings and law court with information obtained as a result of applying special intelligence  means  in strict compliance with the regulations governing this activity.

Logo of SATO

State Agency Technical Operations (SATO) has its own combined mark, registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria by Registration Certificate No 104023/27.12.2018.

The registered combined mark is comprised of traditional Bulgarian symbols, in accordance with the so called institutional heraldry. The symbols in the figurative mark have the following meanings: Circle – a major symbol of unity, equality, infinity, wholeness. It embodies the Sun’s and the Earth’s energy and living force.

The colors of the Bulgarian national flag lie diagonally within the circle, outlined with dark blue belt, where the full name of the Agency is written. Lion – a traditional symbol of the Bulgarian spirit. The lion’s image is similar to the heraldic and graphic representation of the major structure of the coat of arms of Bulgaria and its use is therefore regulated by Decision No 631/05.09.2018 by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Shield – protection of state and security. The abbreviation of State Agency Technical Operations – SATO is embedded in the middle of the shield (the abbreviation in Bulgarian: ДАТО).




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